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Day 30

Just completed the last day of the 30 day shred.
Even though I only technically did 28 days, I am pretty proud.
Like it doesn't feel like some huge accomplishment or anything, I have a faarrr way to go. But I need to think about my past experiences with working out, and staying committed to this is kind of a big accomplishment for me.
I pushed really hard during this last work out, and did more exercises than I thought I could. So, I will keep that in mind when I start insanity.

I am not sure if I will keep up with my progress here much longer, Krista Amber and I created a tumblr strictly for trackign our progress. So we will see.

Day 29

I really did not want to workout today. I had a stress overload this morning.

But I made myself do it. And I accomplished my circuit two goal. So.


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Day 28

Having these little goals within my workout routine really help keep me motivated. I know that sounds obvious, but I think it is worth pointing out in case I ever forget it =]

I accomplished my "Circuit 1" goal today... did the whole circuit (strength, cardio and abs) with no breaks, and only a slight modification towards the end of the ab workout.

I hate how guilty I feel about the way I eat.
I know.. I KNOW that I need to keep all of this in perspective of myself, but I really can't help but resent people who just have to do something like "cut out soda" and BOOM lose like 5 pounds instantly.
Look, I know I don't eat anywhere close to perfect, but I don't eat anywhere close to shitty either. I don't calorie count, but I do base meals throughout my day depending on what else I have eaten or will eat.
That's also a problem.
I don't know. This got a little ranty, but I really am frustrated at what I will have to do with my diet to lose any weight.

I feel good. My endurance is a little better. I am trying to focus on the positive, and trying to focus on ME. But UGH. Sometimes those thoughts creep in and I feel a little defeated.

Days 26-27


Pushed hard through the workout. After I got home from class I was hungry, and really did NOT feel like cooking dinner, so Adam and I went out to eat. We went to Saturn Cafe which is a vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options. I had a sandwich with avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, fake chicken, and fake bacon. I also got fries, but did not eat many of them. But not because I had self control or anything... Adam and I got an appetizer sampler plate. Filled with fried things. I ate way too much. FElt like garbage when we got home. Drank some freshly made juice to help refresh my system. But the juice gave me allergies which made me feel even more groggy and gross. So I had some green tea, in another attempt to get my system happy. I ended up passing out for like an hour, and waking up feeling a little better. My stomach is still funky, but I don't feel full body gross anymore.


Almost KILLED this workout. I was just really motivated in regards to completing each exercise today, and I really pushed myself hard. I have 3 days left, so my goal is for each day left I will master one of the circuits. Like I will push myself to absolute max to get through each circuit with no breaks, or modification. Tomorrow I will try my hardest to get through circuit 1 with no breaks. Then day 29 I will push through 1 and 2. And then hopefully for day 30 I can get through circuit 3 with no breaks.
Today I had a protein drink for breakfast, and then a late lunch of homemade pizza and a bite of my leftover sandwhich. I probably will just have some snacks for the rest of the day, since my lunch was so big.

I am still not sure what the plan for Insanity is.. but I want to figure it out soon because the time to start is quickly approaching. I guess what I do know, is that if we are starting according to plan, then that will be 1 week from tomorrow. I think between Jillian Michaels and Insanity I am going to try out each of the insanity workouts, or at least the cardio ones, to prepare myself. I also like that I have a little break, so I can give my body some rest / recovery time before really kicking up the intensity.
I also think that once I start insanity, i will count calories for the first week, to see where I am at. (I should also look at the nutrition guide that comes with the program. Not sure what information is in that.)

Day 25

Did muh workout. I don't have much else to say about it.
I think soon I will be able to complete the first circuit without breaks, other than that I am not sure what other solid progress I will see in the next 5 days. Come to think of it, I can definitely see in improvement in cardio circuit two, so thats awesome.
For food today I tried to eat really well for most of the day, since Thursdays are date night. In the morning I had an english muffin sandwich with tomato, avocado, and a little polenta. It had mayo on it, which was not good. Buuut, not tooo shabby. Then I had a protein drink and some peanuts to tie me over until about 8pm when Adam and I got our date night Taco Bell. Super yummy.

Day 24

Real quick, and hopefully I will add later....

This workout is damn hard. I can hardly make it through a single exercise circuit. The jump squats and star jumps suck so much, but I am really motivated to push through those because Insanity has a lot of that kind of stuff.
My arms are sooo weaaak haha I can't wait to have more strength. Uhm. I guess though my main update is that I can't make it through a single workout yet. If I have time later I am going to make a list of the different circuits to jog my memory for this posts. This level is hard, but it goes by really quickly so I have trouble remember each exercise.

Day 23!

( Day 22 follow up:
So yeah, I did NOT end up working out on day 22... dang. It is a bummer because I think that if I hadn't missed that one day in level 1, I would have been more motivated to not miss a single day. But seriously, if I only miss 2 days out of this whole 30... that will be pretty good for me! )

Day 23 (posting 1 day late):

Only one week to go!

I really like level 3... I think I will use it as a workout even after I am done with this program. It is perfect for days that I can't make it to the gym, or just a possible additional workout if I am extra motivated some days.
I pushed myself pretty hard through this whole workout.. it is very difficult in the cardio area, which is good.
The ab workouts are a lot harder in this level. I am going to post right after I work out today (day 24) so I can make notes on exact exercises and whatnot.
Merrr I really wish I would have stuck with the food diary thing. I am guessing that in order to really see a difference I am going to have to start calorie counting D: I really don't want to, but I am kind of running out of options.


So I don't know if I already posted about this, but following this "30 day shred" program, Amber, Krista and I were planning on starting Insanity. I AM REALLY PUMPED. That is part of why I have been pushing really hard through this workouts, to get my body conditioned for higher intensity. Now there has been a slight hiccup in our plans, but I am hoping that we can still start it ASAP. One of the reasons I want that to be the next thing is because I know that if I push myself, and eat well, I WILL see results.. and I need that to keep me motivated. I know that I am making a lifestyle change in becoming more active, and I am making sure I am not treating it as a temporary thing. But as for now, when I am trying to see change in my body, I do need to see or feel something different so I don't lose my steam. Hopefully this issue of not knowing when we will start will be resolved today.

In other news:

FRAK. On Day 22 now...

Midterms and school make doing anything else really difficult.
So I haven't been on livejournal, making it to my posts, but I haven't broken any other routine involving working out!
I am now out of workout 2 (didn't miss a single day), and have completed 1 day of level 3. Last ten days!

I am happy with the progress I see in my endurance, but I am beginning to realize how much I am going to have to limit my diet if I want to see real results. Kind of frustrating, because I eat a lot healthier in comparison to a lot of people, and I am working really hard during the workouts. But I have to keep this in perspective of ME. So. I will see how I feel at the end of ten days!

I have been pretty good about keeping to my vegan diet. Because of midterms, Adam and I did not make it to the grocery store when we usually would during the week, and that left me scroungin for food during the weekend. I didn't eat toooo bad, but I need to limit my processed foods even more than I already do. They just make me feel icky!!
I did have pizza last night, at like 9 :/ It was cheeseless, but, still not very good for me. My only excuse is that it was the night before two midterms, AND I would not have made that decision if there were more to eat in the house. Alas, I have no regrets haha.

Today has been busy... woke up early to study. Studied all day until class, took two stressful back to back midterms, and then rushed off to Safeway. I just ate dinner. And I still need to work out today... but I am really not feelin it.
Working out itself doesn't sound so bad, I just don't feel like showering, and everything else that comes along with exercising. I really should though. I realllyyy should. I will at least do a modified workout. And then maybe workout twice tomorrow... I know that it doesn't really cancel out or anything... but a little extra work is always good!

Day 14

(Posting a day late)
Workout today was pretty good, I have noticed good progress in my endurance and ability to complete most of the workouts. I still can't do the double jump rope routine all the way through, but I have been able to complete it by just doing normal jump rope.. so I am not missing out on too many cardio minutes.
Food has been rough. I feel really bad about eating that taco bell on saturday. I feel like now I don't deserve to eat it on date night =/ but maybe I can sneak in an extra workout this thursday to make up for it. Idk. I should have resisted those cravings.
Anyways, on day 14 I had a hashbrown breakfast, a protein drink and some peanuts for lunch, then I worked out. Then Adam and I went to Trader Joes where we got stuff to make pizzas! My pizza was cheese-less.. yay. I also found this fake chorizo, WHICH IS SO DELICIOUSLY GOOD. So pumped about that discovery.
Anyways, so we had some pizza for dinner. It was a late dinner, but we did stay up kind of late, so I did not do the bad thing of eating a meal and then going to bed soon after.

need to stretchhh. I am totally losing some flexibility =[ And I am really sore.

Days 12-13

Working out has been going good. I really hate level 2, I can't wait to be done with it. I need to push a little harder through it. I have noticed progress though, I can make it through a little more of each workout now, so that is positive.
On day 12, I was ok about food. Had a protein drink in the morning, then a hashbrown breakfast. I had a tiny bit of oatmeal after class (5pm) and then went out to dinner. We went to Santa Cruz diner with some out of town friends, and there really weren't that many things for me to eat. I had fries haha yummy. So I didn't break my vegan rules, but I didn't do well with eating healthy either.
On day 13 I had a hash brown breakfast, but that was later than usual because I slept in. Then a small protein drink and some peanuts. And thennnn I worked out. And I just had a dinner of baked zucchini and polenta. yumyum.
(Later Adam and I got Taco Bell nachos and a quesadilla :[. )
i have stopped the splits stretching.
I dont feel that bad about that, because I am staying committed to a lot of other things. But I am bummed that I have not been stretching at ALL. It makes me sore, and I do want to see improvement in my flexibility. So I need to get on that.

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